Spring Feeling

Time goes by so quickly and the last 14 months in particular time has accelerated, I find myself in my 40’s now, the most domesticated I have ever been, living in an era where people care enough to ask your pronouns..it feels like the future. I was thinking about that today as I dressed for yardwork…i’m very switch being both femme and butch at different times and it made me smile that today those traits are acknowledged and accepted as valid. Not that you need others to validate yourself, but it feel nice to know that teenagers today feel more free & safe than I did in the 90’s to express themselves and not get caught up in strict narrow paradigms

Here is a moment captured in time, happy & playful… one where doing housework doesn’t feel like a chore and the evening ahead has laughter to look forward to…the silver linings.

NOTE- while this video is not graphic you will see cleavage and if you know me IRL that could make you uncomfortable depending on how mature you are :), proceed with the warning

Yule 2020

Regardless of what calendar system you follow, the end of the year is upon us and the feeling of a hopeful new year is strong. Harness that positivity…choose to be better, do better, love better. <3

fall to winter… I rarely make appearances online but it’s been a strange year and when I and others look back I’d like to remember the good, the silver linings so here is a glimpse of me in motion with a wave and a smirk… happy in the moment.

Holiday cheer time of year

Spread holiday cheer this year – volunteer, donate, connect  

Spread holiday cheer this year, volunteer, donate, connect

Yuletide is a time of year for appreciation, generosity, kindness, magic, love, and all those other warm feeling moods. There are many ways to take part and I hope that you do. Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, this is a time of year in our American culture to embrace the diversity that makes America so special. Be kind to each other. Tolerate those that are different than yourself. Display affection and generosity, in whatever ways you are able to. Spread and share in the holiday spirit.

Below are some links to local ( Seattle area ) organizations and communities that reach out and help spread hope, kindness & cheer during the holiday season. The holidays are a great reminder that we are all part of this shared world, we all have joys and sorrows, success and failure stories….we all share some type of common ground.

The forgotten children’s fund

Holiday stockings for homeless children


Adopt a family YWCA

Food Lifeline

Give Joy this winter ( westsidebaby )

The giving tree at Pike Place Market

Northwest Harvest

Emergency Feeding

Solid Ground 

Real Change winter fund Drive 


Holiday Giving with HopeLink

Fund for the Needy by Seattle Times