Marriage Equality

Painting done on canvas with acrylics, photo filtered with cartoon lens on gimp.
Painting done on canvas with acrylics, photo filtered with cartoon lens on gimp.

The supreme court is hearing arguments for and against  the idea of marriage equality, an idea  that  says same sex couples have the same rights granted by the constitution and straight couples do, hence the term marriage equality.  The definition of what is marriage is being examined and defined.  I always believed marriage was linked to love and commitment…..though I have been hearing some people say marriage was always about child rearing and nothing more.  Well we live in a different era than when we needed to procreate to contribute here.  The world is populated and i say let people be together for love, rather than only to bring children into the world. That is great if you want to do that, but we shouldn’t exclude people who chose not to, and if you are in love with someone and it is mutual, why shouldn’t you be allowed that joy of love.  Support marriage equality between consenting adults.

It’s 4/21, the day after 4/20 ;-)

420 art on 4/21, i'm about to paint this
420 art on 4/21, i’m about to paint this

As a hemp activist, 4/20 is an ideal day to gather to celebrate & educate others about the benefits of the hemp plant.  So wear your hemp shirts, skirts, and shoes … create art about hemp or even better using hemp products….change your social networking photos to a pro hemp image and/or write a post about industrial hemp, link to sites that promote hemp knowledge and industrial hemp products.

Help others Rediscover Hemp this year!

Happy Earth Day

earthday symbolIn 1969, artist, writer and political cartoonist Ron Cobb created an international symbol for ecology. The symbol was formed by taking the letters “e” and “o”, taken from the words “environment” and “organism”, and putting them in superposition, thereby forming a shape reminiscent of the Greek letter Θ (Theta). He published it in the Los Angeles Free Press on October 25, 1969, and placed it in the public domain.