Marriage equality was declared for all 50 states today!

It’s pride month and pride weekend here in Seattle and several other cities across the nation and this ruling will make the celebrations endearing this year.  The glbt rights movement has been visibly ongoing since stonewall and now, 40 something years later we as a nation of diverse people are embracing our differences and allowing people to be who they are, without so much forced conformity to fit into an idea of who we should be and how we should act, especially when it comes to ones gender. We have assigned so many roles based on gender, those roles are finally being questioned and adapting to the current era of civilization, which has room & desire for love and kindness.

Today is a victory for humanity. 

Same-sex marriage is now a constitutional right in all fifty states! Sexual orientation isn’t a choice, but supporting equal rights is.

Happy Pride, #lovewins in  2015
Happy Pride, #lovewins in 2015

Marriage Equality

Painting done on canvas with acrylics, photo filtered with cartoon lens on gimp.
Painting done on canvas with acrylics, photo filtered with cartoon lens on gimp.

The supreme court is hearing arguments for and against  the idea of marriage equality, an idea  that  says same sex couples have the same rights granted by the constitution and straight couples do, hence the term marriage equality.  The definition of what is marriage is being examined and defined.  I always believed marriage was linked to love and commitment…..though I have been hearing some people say marriage was always about child rearing and nothing more.  Well we live in a different era than when we needed to procreate to contribute here.  The world is populated and i say let people be together for love, rather than only to bring children into the world. That is great if you want to do that, but we shouldn’t exclude people who chose not to, and if you are in love with someone and it is mutual, why shouldn’t you be allowed that joy of love.  Support marriage equality between consenting adults.