I am a 12 ;-)

It’s blue Friday, playoffs, and the divisional tittle game this Sunday…Seattle is alive with the eclectic energy of the #12’s  the 12th man.  The feeling here in Seattle is electric and jovial, truly something beautiful to witness and be a part of. Yes, I said beautiful in reference to gridiron football,  when you see how the community joins together for a common cause, smiling, helping, saying hi to strangers and having conversations with people who on the surface you may not ever have an ice breaker to say hi or realize that we all have things in common despite some apparent differences, well that is beautiful my friends.  Some people are shocked I am such a football fan,  just as sometimes I am shocked at how eco friendly and liberal some of the pickup truck driving, buzzcut wearing, fisherman can be. 🙂  The 12’s break all boundaries, social stereo types  and brings us together.

12th woman

Happy Blue Friday fellow 12's! Go Hawks!
 Go Hawks!