Holiday cheer time of year

Spread holiday cheer this year – volunteer, donate, connect  

Spread holiday cheer this year, volunteer, donate, connect

Yuletide is a time of year for appreciation, generosity, kindness, magic, love, and all those other warm feeling moods. There are many ways to take part and I hope that you do. Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, this is a time of year in our American culture to embrace the diversity that makes America so special. Be kind to each other. Tolerate those that are different than yourself. Display affection and generosity, in whatever ways you are able to. Spread and share in the holiday spirit.

Below are some links to local ( Seattle area ) organizations and communities that reach out and help spread hope, kindness & cheer during the holiday season. The holidays are a great reminder that we are all part of this shared world, we all have joys and sorrows, success and failure stories….we all share some type of common ground.

The forgotten children’s fund

Holiday stockings for homeless children


Adopt a family YWCA

Food Lifeline

Give Joy this winter ( westsidebaby )

The giving tree at Pike Place Market

Northwest Harvest

Emergency Feeding

Solid Ground 

Real Change winter fund Drive 


Holiday Giving with HopeLink

Fund for the Needy by Seattle Times 

It’s cupids day to reign

There doesn’t need a to be a special occasion to read erotic poetry, but valentines day is the occasion if there ever was one. Enjoy the romance of lust and love….happy cupids day cyber world!

a little poetic erotica for Valentines day
a little poetic erotica for Valentines day
vday toast
sparkling wine, strawberries, two dozen roses, candlelight and my boo = a dope valentines kickoff

Winter Wonderland

This year we decided to go to the Christmas lighting festival in Leavenworth Washington.  It always looks so magical, the Bavarian themed village deep in the snow capped mountains on the northwest. Thanks to mother nature, my skills in finding an enjoyable private condo with all the extra amenities one could want, and the christmas spirit that leavenworth has, it was a true winter wonderland experience & great memory.

winter wonderland drive
winter wonderland drive to Leavenworth
icicle village resort deep in the mountains
icicle village resort deep in the mountains
Leavenworth during day during lighting festival
Leavenworth during day during lighting festival

It's just something you ought to do while in a bravian village, esp in the winter , you eat a bratwurst.

Leavenworth @ night during lighting festival
Leavenworth @ night during lighting festival
two perfect pizza pies
two perfect pizza pies
wintery mountains
wintery mountain drive back home

Happy Earth Day

earthday symbolIn 1969, artist, writer and political cartoonist Ron Cobb created an international symbol for ecology. The symbol was formed by taking the letters “e” and “o”, taken from the words “environment” and “organism”, and putting them in superposition, thereby forming a shape reminiscent of the Greek letter Θ (Theta). He published it in the Los Angeles Free Press on October 25, 1969, and placed it in the public domain.