Holiday cheer time of year

Spread holiday cheer this year – volunteer, donate, connect  

Spread holiday cheer this year, volunteer, donate, connect

Yuletide is a time of year for appreciation, generosity, kindness, magic, love, and all those other warm feeling moods. There are many ways to take part and I hope that you do. Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, this is a time of year in our American culture to embrace the diversity that makes America so special. Be kind to each other. Tolerate those that are different than yourself. Display affection and generosity, in whatever ways you are able to. Spread and share in the holiday spirit.

Below are some links to local ( Seattle area ) organizations and communities that reach out and help spread hope, kindness & cheer during the holiday season. The holidays are a great reminder that we are all part of this shared world, we all have joys and sorrows, success and failure stories….we all share some type of common ground.

The forgotten children’s fund

Holiday stockings for homeless children


Adopt a family YWCA

Food Lifeline

Give Joy this winter ( westsidebaby )

The giving tree at Pike Place Market

Northwest Harvest

Emergency Feeding

Solid Ground 

Real Change winter fund Drive 


Holiday Giving with HopeLink

Fund for the Needy by Seattle Times 

another hempfest, another joint

Another Hempfest in Seattle

It’s that time of year again when cannabis aficionados of all sorts gather at a waterfront park in Seattle for a weekend of pot related festivities, both for fun and for education/activism….I have been a part of hempfest both as an attendee and as a volunteer for years and will say you make of it what you chose. With that said, have an enjoyable #Hempfest Seattle!😎

Below isa link to a well done guide ( in my opinion) about the basics in and outs of navigating hempfest, including basiq FAQ and schedules of all 3 days.

It’s superhero time

Emerald City Comic Con starts today and will be happening throughout the weekend. In my opnion it’s fun to step outside the box from time to time and be an alter-ego of sorts, happily surprise others with your unexpected daring, fun, playful, & bold perspectives and actions.  That is how I see events like these, a way to stay in touch with the magic of our youth that was imagination. This is just me for a weekend, at high noon on Monday I return back to my more familiar self.

my comic avatar
my comic avatar, a light-bearing freedom fighter

Winter Wonderland

This year we decided to go to the Christmas lighting festival in Leavenworth Washington.  It always looks so magical, the Bavarian themed village deep in the snow capped mountains on the northwest. Thanks to mother nature, my skills in finding an enjoyable private condo with all the extra amenities one could want, and the christmas spirit that leavenworth has, it was a true winter wonderland experience & great memory.

winter wonderland drive
winter wonderland drive to Leavenworth

icicle village resort deep in the mountains
icicle village resort deep in the mountains

Leavenworth during day during lighting festival
Leavenworth during day during lighting festival

It's just something you ought to do while in a bravian village, esp in the winter , you eat a bratwurst.

Leavenworth @ night during lighting festival
Leavenworth @ night during lighting festival

two perfect pizza pies
two perfect pizza pies

wintery mountains
wintery mountain drive back home

High comedy festival in Seattle for hempfest

Next weekend in Seattle will be pulsing with hemp advocates, consumers, and the curious…with Seattle Hempfest  happening, the Highlarious comedy festival and the Hempfest Business Trade show. Pick one or indulge in all 3, but if you;re in Seattle next weekend and know a lil about cannabis, why not learn a little more and have a unique fun time while do it!  I Love to laugh, so I’ll be checking out the comedy fest fo sho.  🙂

a high comedy festival in Seattle
a high comedy festival in Seattle

Marriage Equality

Painting done on canvas with acrylics, photo filtered with cartoon lens on gimp.
Painting done on canvas with acrylics, photo filtered with cartoon lens on gimp.

The supreme court is hearing arguments for and against  the idea of marriage equality, an idea  that  says same sex couples have the same rights granted by the constitution and straight couples do, hence the term marriage equality.  The definition of what is marriage is being examined and defined.  I always believed marriage was linked to love and commitment…..though I have been hearing some people say marriage was always about child rearing and nothing more.  Well we live in a different era than when we needed to procreate to contribute here.  The world is populated and i say let people be together for love, rather than only to bring children into the world. That is great if you want to do that, but we shouldn’t exclude people who chose not to, and if you are in love with someone and it is mutual, why shouldn’t you be allowed that joy of love.  Support marriage equality between consenting adults.